Morten Bliens verdensrekord

Gratulerer med verdensrekorden Morten Blien. Her er en liten smakebit av det som er filmet på denne turen. Over 21 mil på scooteren, der er rått. Lykke til i kveld. Del gjerne filmen.

Her kan du se hele turen til Morten Blien, 4 timer

Facebook filmen som ble satt ut fredag 18.09.15

18.sep 2015, a Norwegian man named Morten Blien hopped on his Polaris RMK 800 and drove about 131 miles – down the Tana River in Finnmark, Norway. He was attempting to break the world record for distance driven on water with a snowmobile, previously set by European watercross champion Antti Holmberg (180 kilometers, or 111.9 miles).

Blien did surpass the mark, but he fell short of his goal of 240 km when his sled inexplicably stopped in the middle of the river after 212 km.

Blien said he wasn’t sure what ultimately caused the snowmobile to quit. An additional throttle lever had been installed on the sled so that if one hand got tired, Blien could use the other to power the sled. It’s possible that a malfunction caused the gas to stop flowing adequately to the engine.

The world record attempt still needs to be submitted to Guinness for approval. There is some uncertainty about whether it will be approved since Blien did not drive the snowmobile ashore.

The entire trip lasted four hours. Blien was tired but satisfied after his run, saying that he considered everything after 180 km to be a bonus. He was also surprised at the number of local people who came out in the cold weather to support him.

Link til Amercian Snowmobiler Magazine  

Link til NRK: NRK Sápmi: Morten Bliens verdensrekord vekker internasjonal oppsikt.

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